GRACEFUL /ˈɡrāsfəl: Having or showing grace, elegance and poise; “with graceful movement”, “graceful dancer”


What Graceful Great Danes NV is : A Labor Of Love & Devotion

At Graceful Great Danes NV, I raise quality AKC Great Danes, bred with a priority for conformation (meaning structure, form, appearance and movement), loving & affectionate, temperament and health & longevity. 

I am active in the dog community and participate in conformation shows. All my dogs are fully health tested and updated annually / semi-annually 

Most of all, I want to share all there is to know about this breed and strive for the ultimate vision for what a great dane should be.

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About My Family & I

My name is Kaitlyn, and my husband’s name is Apalo. We have five children and our doggy kids as well. We strive to create the best possible balance for our Danes and kids together. Our kids LOVE the Dane’s. And we have made every effort to ensure that the danes are a pertinent part of our big family and love to be near us (on our laps or under our feet) and have a willing to please attitude.

I mainly run the Graceful Great Danes NV breeding program; of showing, caring for, and the breeding of our Danes. I am a stay at home parent so I can focus on my children and my dogs. My husband, Apalo, has worked at a local manufacturing company for the last 13 years. We live in a very rural town in Northern Nevada on 2 acres of property. 

Aside from the dogs and our kids, we enjoy camping, hiking, swimming, off-roading, and you can bet that our dogs are right alongside of us!

My Story

Ever since I was a little kid, animals have always been very important to me and a major part of my life. I grew up with all kinds of critters, including a Blue & Gold McCaw named Tuaca, and my best friend Tamika, a solid black German Shepherd. She was everything that you could wish for in a family pet. We were inseparable and she meant the world to me. About 3 weeks before Christmas, Tamika, 14 almost 15 years old, went down in her back end, due to her chronic arthritis from having had her hip broken, and could not get up, we rushed her into the veterinarian’s office and found that she had slipped a disc in her back and her hips just werent working anymore. Being that she was an older lady we did as much as we could possibly could do to make her comfortable but in the end, we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to her.

I had high expectations of my next dog since Tamika was the ultimate dog. We didn't start the search for a new dog until about 5 years later, after my husband and I had gotten married and purchased a house. We had also had our first 3 kids by the time we felt it was right to bring in a family dog.

We needed a dog that would be easily trained, grow up well with our children and most of all be a loving companion. It was then that we decided that a great dane was the best fit for us as we had always wanted a giant breed dog and they fit the temperament we were looking for the best.

We have never experienced a love so sincere, loyal and “in tune” to us, as the Great Dane breed. Obedient, loyal, loving, not to mention so regal and breathtakingly beautiful, as well as silly and goofy. They are the total package!

Our first couple of danes were not well bred at all, we had no clue where to turn to, what a reputable breeder "looked like", what health testing clearances should have been performed and why conformation was so important. It was only after our 3rd dane passed away from complications with her gastropexi surgery that we realized we needed to begin our search all over again. That we needed to start from scratch and research pedigrees and genetics, look into confomation shows near us, seeking out a reputable breeder to be our mentor, got involed in AKC all breed clubs and finally got our first well-bred purebred great dane and started competing and testing, connecting with experienced, knowledgeable breed exhibitors and began my journey towards creating and appreciating the Great Dane how they should be. 

I had no idea that what started out as getting a family pet would turn into one of my greatest passions, but it did, nonetheless.


My core values, goals and what Graceful Great Danes NV stands for :

  • Passion : I have a passion for the betterment and love of the breed. I have an undeviating persistence of passion and ambition toward anything I set my mind to. If you don’t love it, why do it?
  • Quality : always trumps quantity, convenience and lowest price. There will always be a good, better and best to most things, but NEVER settle for less then the best you can be. Never settle for subpar conformation, temperament and longevity. You deserve to have a family dog that is not only conformationally correct whose structure will not breakdown before your dog is old, but also has a temperament that exceeds expectations and a lifespan that withstands the test of time.
  • Family First : in everyway my program is family centered not only in my home but in yours as well. My dogs are my family and raised as family in the home. My puppy families become my extended dane family.
  • Real Relationships : I want to know you and be part of your family, I want my dane’s to be part of your family and enjoy their lives.
  • Health Testing : without a doubt, all my dogs are fully health tested and then some. Health testing my dogs is a “no brainer” as I want to be able to provide my puppy families with the best possible puppy. I want to do everything I possibly can to increase the lifespan and improve the quality of life for my dogs and their loving families. Breeding without health testing is like driving with a blind fold on, it is breeding blindly with no regard to the offspring. (click HERE for more information)
  • Cropping : I fully support RESPONSIBLE & ETHICAL ear cropping, performed by a licensed PROFFESSIONAL and with proper after care and follow up. I am able to arrange this with a veterinarian I trust and whose work I have personally seen and used for my dogs and many of my co-breeders’ dogs. (click HERE for more information)
  • Open Minded & Willing to Listen to New Information : I strive to continuously gather as much information and further my education as much as I can and promise to always share it. I get most of my information from webinars, dog club meetings, other reputable exhibitors, veterinarians, canine experts, professional literature and personal experiences. I expect not only myself but anyone I work with to be open minded too. "A closed mind is like a closed book, just a block of wood" Chinese Proverb
  • Longevity : I will forever put my dogs to the test of time, danes do not have to suffer such short life spans. These gentle giants can and do enjoy long full lives. Danes can and do live to be 10 + years old as long as there is proper education behind each breeding that takes place. (click HERE for more information)
  • Better the Breed : to put the best interest of the breed as a whole at the front of each breeding decision. Breeding only for financial gain, a “fun” experience for you or your kids, because I want a puppy from my dog before he passes”, etc. is NEVER an acceptable reason to breed and do not do anything for the betterment of the breed. Breeding needs to be equally coupled with a commitment to education (not only your breeder but also owners) and support all puppies and buyers from start to finish. Everything I do will be for the betterment of the breed, to ensure that I have puppies and dogs that fit into every category that a great dane should be.
  • For the love of dogs : just LOVE your dogs. It doesn’t take ribbons, or awards, a big-name pedigree or a pedigree at all for a true dog lover to just love a dog. Because of the love we have for dogs we should always do our very best as owners and breeders to be better educated, responsible and committed to our dogs.
  • Ethics, Honesty & Integrity : without core values you have nothing to stand on, if you are willing to waver in one aspect, then what's to say or stop you from compramising in another? While there are many different "right" ways to raise a litter, there are fundemental "right" & "wrong" ways and there is no amout of justification that will ever change that. 
  • Positiveity & Optimism :  The glass is ALWAYS half full! A positive and optimistic attitude is contagious. There is always room for some constructive criticism, growth and in some cases to agree to disagree. Constructive criticism is one of the only ways to train your eye to see faults not only in your dogs but in others as well, so you will know what needs to be improved on for the next generation.
  • Good Sportsmanship : simply be a nice person, open your arms to those who want to learn as they start their own program. You were once a newbie to the breed too! The old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” applies to many aspects in life but ever so much in the dog world. There will be times that you win and times that you lose but you still get to go home with the best dog in the ring at the end of the day no matter what you are coming home with.

I can take every step to give each puppy a proper start to their lives, but it is equally as important that the new families do their research on the breed, are capable of providing proper diet, health care, living environment, etc for their new puppy.

I am always available any time of day.

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July 13, 2017


I am not nor have I ever been affiliated, associated or in any other way connected to Grace Great Dane Puppies located in Virginia. All of my dogs/puppies will continue to be registered with "Grace's" in front of the registered name. Thank you all for your understanding, support and love!

All of my puppies are AKC registered. I preregister all of my puppies for ease and convienence for their new families. I am proud to participate in many AKC Conformation shows.

AKC Bred With Heart Program

I proudly participate in the AKC Bred With Heart Program

AKC Bred With Heart requires annual continuing education programs that pertain to breeding, puppy whelping, correct care for expecting mothers and a plethora of other areas that have to do with proper care of my dogs.

Bred With Heart Program

Health Testing

I  believe in health and genetic testing. I fully health test all my girls for all potential hereditary health issues. I health test to the fullest extent and beyond!



Puppy Culture

I am pleased to announce that I started raising the puppies using Puppy Culture, what is Puppy Culture you may ask? It is all of the different puppy rearing techniques bundled into one amazing program from the first couple of days (ENS http://breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation, Rules Of Seven http://www.echowyn.com/Ruleof7.html) all the way to adulthood. It is a program that can be used by the every day pet owner and exhibitor.


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