Treats & Toys

There are a multitude of different toys and treats on the market. I personally love and use puzzle toys, snuffle mats (there are a TON of DIY videos on how to make them for about $15), no stuffing toys, KONG and other “stuffable” toys, squeaky pigs are a must (buy multiple, they become addicted to them and become a favorite toy very quickly) and my ALL TIME favorite is the BarkBox (provides toys, treats and goodies for about $22 a month)

Along with age / size appropriate toys, selecting the right training treats for your dog is just as important as mental stimulation. There are a plethora of training treats available, but I recommend sticking with ones with simple ingredients and natural flavoring. I like BillJac, Starmark and Stella & Chewy’s when I am choosing training treats.

Collars & ID Tags

Along with your puppies HomeAgain Microchip (already placed and registered), having an easy to read ID tag always attached to his / her collar. I use a few different websites that I personally order from, most are on Etsy and I also use a local leather tag maker (Kritter Kollars).  

Having the RIGHT collar for your dog is very important to their leash training success. I personally use fabric or leather martingales and flat collars (most of which I purchase from Etsy, Buddy’s Collars and eBay).

Grooming & Oral Hygiene

Taking care of your new family member is a great responsibility, but also very important. Great dane’s are a very easy to groom, and it is very simple to desensitize them from the VERY beginning.

It is important to get your puppy used to having their teeth brushed, coat groomed and bathed

In Case of Emergency

I always have cloth tape, vetwrap, sterile gauze and Neosporin on hand in my first aid kit for emergencies. I also have Gas X, Pepcid AC (famotidine), tubing (to decompress the stomach), a mouth guard and a bucket (to purchase your bloat kit click HERE).

These items DO NOT replace a visit to the vet’s office, they are just for an emergency, to buy you the time to get to the vet

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