Co-Own Puppies

I am first and foremost breeding for myself and my showing/breeding program. With each breeding that takes place if I can not personally keep a puppy I prefer to place them in what I call a co-own or guardian home. This means that when I do my conformation evaluations at 6 and 8 weeks old, and decide which puppies have the best conformation and are qualities I would like to keep in my breeding program, I place these puppies into homes where I have the ability to show and breed at a later date once 2 year old conformation evaluations have been performed again and all health testing is completed with passing results (I pay for all health testing and breeding costs). I also place puppies who I have deemed conformationally correct in co-own show homes, which makes it so that those who want to learn how to show can do so with a correct dog in the ring, with the help of me and all my mentors. 

Many of my co-owns go to families as strictly pets, while others go to familes that are interested in learning how to show in conformation. I offer many different types of co-own opportunities so please feel free to contact me with any questions and I will provide you with all the information I can. 

All of my co-own puppies are from previous breedings, please feel free to preview each of them on their individual pages for more information about them (OFA clearances, expected litter/breeding dates, etc.).

Please let me know when you contact me if you are interested I'm showing your puppy.

I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in a potential co-own to let me know and we can discuss and work out the details. 

I will list all my co-own puppies below when I have any. I don't have any at the moment as I recently spayed my last co-own girl who was placed in a pet / training home. 

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