Nail Care & It's Importance

Nail maintenance is crucial for your pet’s overall health. If you notice in the images below on the longer nail how it is physically pushing the toes up? This affects the joints and can be painful if / when the nail breaks! Under the nail is the quick which is an extension of the last digit of the toe which can become infected very easily if the nail is to break. I personally recommend MONTHLY (at very minimum) visits to the vet or at home dremeling of your pet’s nails to maintain a proper length and more often than that to help the quicks recede each time. Having long nails changes the way a dog carries themselves. If you can hear the nails clicking, it is time to get those nails taken care of.

Below are a couple videos and links to "how to" when it comes to nail trimming and using a dremel. 

I personally use a dremel on all my dogs and start all my puppies using a dremel as well. It leaves the nails less jaged feeling with smooth edges, less likely to get hung up on blankets or scratch you when they love on you. 

Handling Your Dog's Paws

How to introduce your pet to the dremal

How to dremel your dog's nails

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