Longevity is written in the DNA of our dogs, there are many published articles and books that now state (unfortunately) the "documented" life span of a great dance to be between 5 and 7 years old.

If we continue to breed dogs with shortened life spans, so shall that continue to be written in the the DNA of all future generations. 

I am firm supporter of breeding dogs who stand the test of time. At times a "monkey wrench" into our plans, fluke accidents, gastric torsion, and such like that. 

The drastic increase in heart disease in great danes is remarkable and scary. There are many ongoing studies, and multiple efforts to resolve the heart issues that are present in many great dane lines. 

As long as we emphasis on proper selection of breeding stock for more then just conformation and temperament, but also longevity, we can and will start to see danes living longer happier lives 

I am committed to providing puppies who will not only conform to GDCA Standard,  have wonderful loving temperaments but also LONGEVITY!

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