How important is the GDCA written standard?

Whether you are a breeder or family looking for a quality, healthy pet, it is very important that you know breed standard and find a breeder who breeds to such standards set forth by GDCA.

Proper structure and temperament are  just as important as having healthy lines. A properly bred animal has a much better chance of living a long, healthy, full life.

Education is key in being able to spot a breeder who breeds to breed standard and does their own research on their own lines and any lines they choose to bring into their breeding program.

Even if you are simply looking for a pet it is still extremely important to ensure you are getting a puppy from structurally sound parents.

Unfortunately there are a plethora of irresponsible breeders out there that the only way to ensure that people have access to proper education about the breed. Below are some links and graphics.

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Great Dane Blueprint : The Great Dane Ideal

Teeth / Nose / Eyes

Head / Neck / Ears

Front / Rear / Tail Set / Top-line / Loin

Feet / Shoulder

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