What is Puppy Culture & how does it differ from previous puppy raising methods?

I am so very excited to say that I have been using Puppy Culture in the raising my babies! 

For many years I used the Rules of 7, ENS and enrichment activities. I am so happy we found Puppy Culture which really ties everything together into one program and fills in all the blanks. I use Puppy Culture from birth until they are 8 weeks old and can continue to be used even after your puppy comes home with you.

From the puppy culture website:

"Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization.

We’ve done the research for you and distilled down a hundred years of combined experience into easy to follow protocols. You’ll receive week-by-week and step-by-step instructions, proven by science and experience to ensure the best outcomes for your puppies.

You have more power than you think.

Breeders have more opportunity to make a dramatic impact on a puppy’s ultimate personality than anyone else ever will. By the time the puppy goes to his new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. Puppy Culture shows you what you need to do, when, in order to take advantage of your power as a breeder.

Preparing your puppy buyers is as important as breeding good puppies.

Nothing is more frustrating than sending a perfect puppy to a new home only to get a phone call months later that the puppy is acting out or having problems. We give you checklists and key points to share with your puppy buyers which will prepare them to follow through with the Puppy Culture program after you send their puppy home with them.

Something you can share with your puppy people.

We answer a lot of the questions puppy buyers commonly have and help them set reasonable expectations for their new puppies. From basic training to finding the right puppy class, your puppy owners are in good hands with Puppy Culture!

We put your passion on film.

Whether it's your first litter or your fiftieth, when you look in that whelping box you see a history of all the dogs you've loved, and your hope for the generations to come. You're not putting puppies on the ground, you're putting new relationships into the world. Puppy Culture tells your story in an emotional narrative that will allow anyone who sees it to understand who we are and why we breed dogs.

Puppy Culture includes...

  • Preparation and Prenatal Care 

  • Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Weaning Setup and Suggestions 

  • Developmental Periods

    • Understanding Behavioral Markers

    • Age Appropriate Games and Exercises

    • Handling Fear Periods

  • Enrichment Effect

    • Creating an Enriching Environment 

    • Puzzles and Problem Solving

    • Active vs Passive Challenges

  • Early Socialization

    • Safety Measures

    • How to Hold a Puppy Party

    • Vaccination vs Socialization 

  • Communication Trinity

    • Training Marker

    • Offering Good Behaviors

    • Manding

  • Problem Prevention

    • Emotional Resiliency Exercises

    • Anti-Aggression Protocols 

    • Sound-Proofing Puppies

  • Preparing Your Puppy Buyers

All Backed Up With Science!

We’ve brought together a team of leading breeders, veterinarians, and behaviorists to explain the science behind WHY Puppy Culture works so well."

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