Available Puppies & Planned Litters

All of my puppies come with AKC preregistration (limited or full depending on the dog) with a spay/neuter contract unless other accommodations have been made (ovarian/testical sparing procedure, co-own, etc), 2 year health/genetic guarantee and lifetime, life-long breeder support, strict return contract.

My puppies are sent home with a collar, toy, blanket, food sample of Victor Professional kibble, binder with all breed and family information, parents OFA certifications, parents' pedigrees, vaccine and deworming records along with a schedule for all future puppy vaccines.

All puppies have a vet exam at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital in Minden, NV at 7.5/8 weeks of age prior to leaving and a fecal exam is ran to ensure no intestinal parasites are present.

I start all my puppies on crate, potty and leash training as well as some basic obedience (wait, sit, come, etc). 

I believe in producing quality puppies but also believe that they need the best start possible which is why I raise our puppies using Puppy Culture, which takes Early Neurological Stimulation, Rules of 7 and adds so much more into one amazing program tailored for anyone from a pet owner to an active exhibitor!

My puppies are raised indoors with my husband, children, cats, other dogs (large and small), everyday household sights and sounds, along with other people whom I have visit (mostly family and close friends) to aide in their acceptance of all people and socialization. I do supervised outside play time along with fun time with the other dogs and people.

While the puppies are in my care I try to post videos and pictures weekly if not multiple times per week via Facebook and private email/text to keep their new families updated as much as possible.



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